Sappy Sentimental Solstice Season

A song that takes the "X" out of "X-mas". We know not everyone celebrates Christmas as such, but when the winter solstice comes around and the days start getting longer, everyone agrees that's something to CELEBRATE!. A traditional Christmas sound, but with lyrics that reflect today's "inclusive" sensitivities




Alternate version downloads for mobile devices

Sappy Sentimental Solstice (for iPad) For Apple's iPad, at 1024x768 resolution and ~30 Mb


Sentimental Solstice Season (for iPhone) A smaller, lighter (~28 Mb) Apple experience for iPhones, at 480x320 resolution


Sappy Sentimental Solstice (for Android) A larger (~50 Mb) high resolution version(1280x800) for Android-based tablets like Samsung Galaxy


Sappy Sentimental Solstice (for mobile phones) A teeny tiny file (under 5 Mb) for mobile phones and smart phones, with a low resolution (176x144)


Sappy Sentimental Solstice (for e-reader) Have you got a Kindle or other e-reader? This version may be best for you. It's 1024x600 and weighs about 48 Mb.



Reunited by Lice


"Funny such a little thing, could lead us back to the tenderness that love can bring"





Little David Play On Your Harp

This is a remake by memory of a scratchy old 45 we used to have as kids of some gospel revival tent preacher singing back in the fifties sometime. It was a real raw rave up so I hope I've carried a bit of that spirit into this version.




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