David Nelson Ostrosser's "How I Came to Fall" was again featured on Mp3.com, with another nice review. Explains reviewer Michael Verity, "I like your songs".


David Nelson Ostrosser's "Only A Daydream Away" was featured as Mp3.com's Download of the Day, and mirrored to dozens of sites on the CBS internet radio network.


The David Nelson Ostrosser song "G'Ling G'Ling" was sent to 124 Francophone radio stations in Canada June 13 under the artist name "David Nelson O." First station to jump on it (and let us know) - CINN-FM in Hearst, Ontario. Thanks, Melanie!

A full-year after the filming, editing for the video for "G'Ling G'Ling" was edited and ready to go online, thanks to the help of talented Yvan Roy and Jacqueline Ludlow. Posted to youTube under the artist name "David Nelson O.", a single of the song will now be distributed to Francophone radio stations across Canada.

David Nelson Ostrosser is setting his songs free to fend for themselves this winter. They've garnered satisfying radio play and been downloaded plenty, but some of the best songs don't seem to have had the exposure they deserve. When songs are offered free on Internet, they are downloaded about 100 times more than if people are asked to pay for them. Go figure. This must be due to the excellent financial acumen of the consumer. It may be a kind of pilot project for a new economic model that will shortly be extended to the plumber, the grocery store, and others, who will doubtless be just as willing to share the fruit of their labour free of charge. Be that as it may, David Nelson Ostrosser is offering FREE DOWNLOADS and FREE STREAMING of his songs this winter, to increase their exposure. Some of these songs just shouldn't...

Second Hand Store is now available from Puretracks! Yes, for those of you who want to buy the mp3s one at a time instead of the whole excellent-sounding CD with the nice packaging, here an option on a Canadian site, finally. Just go to Puretracks.com. Persistence pays off - they finally added it to their catalogue, a year after iTunes did!

Christian Lamitschka, of Country Home Magazine in Germany has recommended Second Hand Store as its top album pick for November 2009!

"Auf dem aktuellen Album von David Nelson Ostrosser geben sich die unterschiedlichsten Musikrichtungen die Klinke in die Hand. Da passiert es schon, dass sich Pop mit Country und America mischt. Doch das macht das Album gerade empfehlenswert. Denn es ist etwas anders als andere Alben." He-he, you can say THAT again!


Second Hand Store is now available from iTunes! Yes, for those of you who were waiting to buy the mp3s one at a time instead of the whole excellent-sounding CD, the time is here. Just go to iTunes and type David Nelson Ostrosser in the search engine. Of course you have to spell it right which is no easy feat. We'd also like to thank all the community and campus radio stations that are playing songs from Second Hand Store, including CFRC (Queens University), CJSF (Simon Fraser University), CHUO (University of Ottawa), CKXU (Lethbridge University), CIVL (University of the Fraser Valley), CFBX (Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops), CFOU (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, CFAK in Sherbrooke and community stations from Creston, BC to Killaloe, Ontario. Those are just some of some of the one's we know about. A commercial single release of the title tune will go out...

DAVID NELSON OSTROSSER'S NEW ALBUM IS NOW AVAILABLE: Twelve songs with an Americana feel, featuring performances from some of the Ottawa region's best musicians.


Second Hand Store cover


Much to everyone's surprise, Radio-Canada's Infoman show featured excerpts of the «Iggy Eyebrows video». The appearance on a nationally televised network program before over a million viewers naturally caused a spike in youTube viewers that triggered a 24-hour viewer count freeze. They do that because they think people are cheating when the view counts spike that much! (To see the whole episode, click here.) (WMV, 9.5 Meg!)

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