David Nelson Ostrosser is setting his songs free to fend for themselves this winter. They've garnered satisfying radio play and been downloaded plenty, but some of the best songs don't seem to have had the exposure they deserve. When songs are offered free on Internet, they are downloaded about 100 times more than if people are asked to pay for them. Go figure. This must be due to the excellent financial acumen of the consumer. It may be a kind of pilot project for a new economic model that will shortly be extended to the plumber, the grocery store, and others, who will doubtless be just as willing to share the fruit of their labour free of charge. Be that as it may, David Nelson Ostrosser is offering FREE DOWNLOADS and FREE STREAMING of his songs this winter, to increase their exposure. Some of these songs just shouldn't go unnoticed (for instance, "I Am Rubber, You Are Glue" and "I Bought the Company)".)

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