Barn Spoiled

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David Nelson Ostrosser


If you're not a horse person, you might have to google this phrase. A horse that's « barn spoiled » is one that spontaneously starts trotting and wants to gallop as soon as he is turned back toward the barn during a trail ride. He wants to get back to his oats and nice brush down. A nice allegory for the fellow who wants to get straight back home after a day at work.


Barn Spoiled, can’t help what I do,
yes I’m
Barn Spoiled
Like a barn spoiled nag
I’m gallopin’ home to you Some folks hit the happy hour when the workin’ day is done
Have a few laughs and knock back a beer and a shot
But I can’t join ‘em when they tell me it’s time to have some fun
‘Cause you turn me toward home and I break into a trot


Some folks try to tell me yeah she’s got you on a string,
But they don’t know what’s waitin’ at home you see
Every time I hear that buzzer ring and I’m passing by the clock
Home corral’s already callin’ me


Well maybe it’s got something to do with the lady I’ve got waitin’
Waitin’ with a love that’s true and I ain’t hesitatin’
Or maybe it’s the clothes she wore
Last time she met me at the door
But I ain’t waitin’ anymore


Acoustic guitars, bass: René Gely
Dobro (resonator guitar): Chris Barclay
Violin: Michael Ball
Drums, Harmonica: DNO


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