I Bought the Company

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David Nelson Ostrosser


One of the best songs on here, with gorgeous strings arranged by René Gely


I was sitting at a little red felt-covered table,
I was reflecting on my fate,
I’d drank about as much as I was able to
I was in a lonely state
Then she blew in on her angel wings,
Pretty as an angel could be
She said « I gotta’ get off my feet
Would you mind a little company ? »

I pulled back a chair and signaled the waitress
To bring us round a couple of beer,
Then I started with the small talk
« So what brings you in here ? »
She just smile,  it was a work of art
Right there she had me, she’d stole my heart
The place was filling up with the late night crowd
I said « Let’s go somewhere quiet, it’s gettin' too loud »
She said « I'll go with you, but you know my time my ain't free »
But I liked her so much, I bought the company.


I liked her so much I bought the company
I would have taken her home and loved her for eternity
But I guess when you go down that road, once you're walking those streets
You can't turn round too easily
But I liked her so much, I bought the company

Now her goodbye kiss is still warm on my lips
But that's nothin' that you couldn’t condone
I need some green, gotta’ find a bank machine
So I can pay my taxi home
The streetlights are fading, we'd talked until dawn,
She sure knew I wasn't any regular john,
Finally interrupted by her ringtone,
Someone was calling on her cellphone
She said « I'll go with you. » And that was the end for me.
But I liked her so much, and she'd kept me company.


Piano: Ian Clyne
Cello: Andrée Préfontaine
Violin: Véronique Turcotte
Guitar, bass: René Gely
String arrangement by René Gely

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