I Rattle When I Walk

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David Nelson Ostrosser


This song is about how strange your father can seem when you're younger, until you've taken on some of the responsibilities he has, and you begin to understand. The contents of Daddy's pockets are symbolic of those responsibilities.


I rattle when I walk
Just like my daddy did
I rattle when I walk
I used to think it was oh so strange
But now time has found a way to rearrange it
So I rattle when I walk
Just like my daddy did

The keys are for a pollutin' old Ford
That I really wish I didn't need
I've got one for the trunk and another for the door
To get me up to speed
The change I need to call my baby
To know that the little boy's fine
Got a broken strap watch deep down in my pocket
To help me keep track of time


Now my old man was a fine old man
But I didn't want to be the same
I think I've done well to make my own trail
And we still share the name
But apart from the name and the gotpel songs
That we both still love to sing
There ain't a whole lot that we hold in common
Except this one little thing


Baritone guitar, bass: René Gely
Drums, acoustic guitar, homemade marimba: DNO

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