Love Ain't Fair

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David Nelson Ostrosser


This is an old tune, recorded in the 80s, in fact, with a few things added and remixed. Just a funky tune about unrequited love.


Love Ain't Fair
Love Ain't Fair to me (repeat)
You know you hurt me tremendously
Hurt me relentlessly

When I first set my eyes on you it
Felt like I was coming alive
And when I got to know you
Well it almost seemed as though
You wanted me to keep you satisfied
But when I called you up, you said
"Can't you call again some other time"
I tried to get through to you
But with everything I'd do it seemed like
I was only wastin' my dimes


Well down at the ball game
You were cheerin' till your eyes met mine
I was trying to get to see you
But it always seemed to be
You got away and left me
Standin' on the foul line


Harmony vocals: Maureen Klyne
Guitars: Doug Ostrosser
Bass: Dave Cholodylo
Piano, Drums: DNO

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