Only A Daydream Away

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David Nelson Ostrosser


One of my more popular tunes. Has featured on and been well-played on radio (well-played for one of my songs, that is).


You're only a daydream away
And so close to my heart anyway
I can't be with you as much as I'd wish to
But you're on my mind to stay
And you're only a daydream away

You're in my eyes every time that I try
To get done my job and I don't wonder why
I just overheard the boss say
Just look at him daydream away


The times we're together I treasure them so
I capture a moment and I won't let it go
I keep it till some lonely day
And then I just daydream away

Daydream away
Daydream away
You're on my mind to stay
And you're only a daydream away

Piano, guitar, bass: René Gely
Steel guitar: Al Bragg
Violin: Michael Ball
Drums: DNO

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