Second-Hand Store

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David Nelson Ostrosser


A rollicking, swamp-inflected celebration of pawn-shop passion.


Sometimes when I go wandering I like to check out the goods
In a funky kinda’ quaint little Second Hand Store in my neighbourhood
In between a percolator that won’t perk
And a whole pile of TV’s where half don’t  work
I’m sure to pick up something that I like.
 Well that day the wind was a-howlin’ out  I had to slip inside
And ain’t no tellin’ what kind of thing was there for me to find
An encyclopedia from 1949
Or some black-light paintings that would blow your mind
But I had no idea what this place had in store (oh no…)

I fell in love at first sight in the second-hand store
A new love was mine when she walked through the door
This old heart about fell on the floor
When I fell in love at first sight in the second-hand store

Now we’re together and I want you to know, people she’s something delectable
No more wasting our precious time looking for something collectible
‘Cause in the midst of all that antiquity,
She must’ve been lookin’ for the same thing as me
I fell in love for the best time in my life


Violin: Michael Ball
Dobro (resonator guitar): Chris Barclay
Electric and acoustic guitars, bass: René Gely
Harmony vocal: Christine Graves
Drums: Ross Murray

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